Transformational Development
of Generational Talent

message from Cynthia

What’s required to develop talent of tomorrow?

Here’s what our research, interviews and observations unveiled:

New talent longs for unique development experiences. Tactical approaches seldom nourish today’s talent over the long-term.

Sustainable solutions require a strategy that resonates with growing leaders and delivers strategic business objectives.

Here’s where we can help. 

Consulting or career coaching to increase workplace satisfaction  and performance. Measurable and documented results. Meaningful impact for your organization as whole.


Career Coaching

From a solid 90-120 coaching plan that includes resume review, salary negotiation or tailored plans for other unique needs, our professional development services can help K12, college students, young professionals and executives navigate career strategy.


Speaking events can uncover individual and organizational challenges that may prevent career success. We have delivered events for high schools, universities, Fortune 500 employees from the frontline to the C-Suite.


Let us relieve your company and plan a great offsite to explore underlying individual or organizational challenges, to generate new innovative ideas, or provide an environment to address issues that a busy executive cannot do alone.

READY To take the next step?

From Transformational Development to giving your career a competitive edge, we can help you. CECS is committed to excellence.